Gollancz (2005)
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Science Fiction
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"As the world struggles through the middle years of the 21st century; global warming, the end of oil, Michael Poole is being haunted. By the far future. Or a far future at least." "A future where the Transcendents have made themselves into something unimaginably powerful, unimaginably different. A future where they would be on the cusp of godhood and would finally leave being human behind." "But a future tortured by regret. A very human regret. A regret that has to be resolved before they can achieve godhood." "The future that must fold down into the present." "And in that far future a young woman begins an epic journey, across the countless human worlds where mankind has evolved into countless different forms, towards the Transcendence and a different way of being."--BOOK JACKET.

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Dewey 823.914
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No. of Pages 496
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