Don't Sell Your Coat - Surprising Truths About Climate Change
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Global warming is a household phrase these days, and it has led to a situation in which far too many educated people believe that mankind is hastening the destruction of the world through industry and civilization. But where is the evidence to support these claims? In this impossible-to-put-down book Harold Ambler presents the history of climate in ways that are accessible to the average Joe or Jill and which make it clear that in terms of temperature, weather, and climate we have been here before. Without compromising on scientific detail, Ambler spends each chapter focusing on a different facet of climate science including sunspots, tradewinds, computer modeling, and data collection. He also deftly connects political stakeholders in the global warming arena to various distortions of the science. This distillation of information gives the reader the ability to decide whether global warming is a tangible threat or a convenient propaganda tool.

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