- Quantum Entanglement, Science's Strangest Phenomenon - Brian Clegg
St. Martin's Griffin (2009)
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?A marvelously clear and engaging account of the people and ideas involved in trying to understand the deepest mysteries of the quantum world and convert them into a useful technology.”

---Gregory Chaitin, author of Meta Math! The Quest for Omega

?If you thought science was a predictable commonsense business---maybe even a little dull---you havent encountered quantum entanglement. A physical phenomenon so strange and all pervasive that this book calls it the ?God Effect, entanglement leaves common sense shattered.”

---from The God Effect


If youve ever wondered whether mankind might someday communicate across the vast distances between the stars, develop codes that cannot be broken, devise computers that would make finding a needle in a haystack trivial, or even learn to create teleportation, then the amazing science portrayed in Brian Cleggs The God Effect will astound and fascinate with its portrayal of a universe---our own---so strange that imagination can scarcely suffice to grasp it.

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