First Lensman - E. E. Smith
Jove Pubns (1980)
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Science Fiction

In First Lensman, the second book in the Lensman series, we find the benevolent super beings of Arisia ready to bestow the first "lens" on a human being (which, among other things, will give humans telepathic powers). The honor goes to Virgil Samms, who will ever after be known as the "First Lensman." But it's a title that he'll have to earn by establishing the Galactic Patrol, a group that is at once powerful and incorruptible, and will protect the universe from the evil and almost-unstoppable Eddorians. If that weren't tough enough, Samms must also dodge assassination attempts at home and help his second in command Rod "The Rock" Kinnison win the presidency of North America. And that's just the beginning of his troubles.

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